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Good old Mitsubishi 55857...!!

05-13-2005, 02:50 PM
Hi all,

Its now just over 4 years since I bought this old battleship, the Mitsubishi 55857 Platinum Plus 55" rear-projection TV for $3200. Man is it ugly by today's standards, monstrous big box.....!! I've seen inputs come and go, but the TV has stayed!! First I had Time-Warner's very first digital HD cable box. SD picture was pathetic and they only had 2 HD channels available, HBO & Showtime, so I sent it back and stayed with analog cable. Dish guys came with a demo, I chased them away the picture was so bad. Then two years ago I got Dish Network's new 811 HD receiver. HD channels were brilliant to the point I was happy staying with the set instead of losing half its value or more by selling it. SD was poor so I used the 811's S-Video out to watch non-HD. That worked. A year went by. Time-Warner came out with an HD DVR and I went for it except it crashed and a replacement crashed. So its now the new 8300HD...finally....a great DVR that has fantastic HD and SD. No need for a separate S-Video for HD.

Despite it being a rear-projection, the picture quality is very decent. I simply use a component cable into the digital input of the TV for everything, HD and SD. There is also a component input for watching progressive scan DVD at 480p. Works great. Some new DVDs are almost HD quality. After wandering around Best Buy and Circuit City every now and then, I really feel no need to get a newer TV. It would have to be a 52" set; JVC's HD-ILAs have been dead-on-arrival on several occasions as per reviews on cnet.com. As for DLP I'd rather wait for the next generation technology. (though, my aunt has a new 52575 and loves it, no rainbow flashes etc) Plasma is outrageously expensive at an over 50" size.

So there it is...I guess the old Mitsi stays for another five years!! I wouldn't be surprised if the new one will be a Mitsubishi also.


05-13-2005, 02:55 PM
...Some new DVDs are almost HD quality...That's certainly not because of the DVD itself. Your TV must have a decent scaler that takes the 480 signal to the TV's native resolution.