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Resolution and Retail Stores

05-13-2005, 11:06 AM
When I got to a retail outlet - say Best Buy or Sony - there are many HD and analog TVs all showing the same video presumably from the same source.

I have been checking out 30" direct view HDTVs which are displayed next to or near the large analog TVs. Placed side by side, there seems to be no apparent difference in image quality. When I ask the salespeople why, they don't have an answer.

What do the large retailers use to feed all those TVs? Is it an HDTV source? Or, is it a DVD player? How do I know I am watching a true HD picture? Why is there no apparent difference in image quality between the HD and non-HD sets. Has anyone else noticed this?


Mark Morrow
05-13-2005, 12:24 PM
When dropping 3-5K for a new TV, it would be best to do some research. Don't just walk into a big box store. Those people know next to nothing. I actually enjoy asking them fairly easy tech questions ( so is this TV's native resolution 720p or 1080i ? ) just to watch them stutter and stammer. They are there to sell, and that's it. If you want to test drive a TV, at least go somewhere like Soundtrack where the staff are fairly knowledgable about the latest technologies. Even then, they are still trying to sell you a TV. I personally researched TVs for 2 months ( off and on ) before deciding what would suit my needs. This is a great link to use: http://www.audioreview.com. You can get a lot of feedback from people who OWN TVs you may be interested in. As far as concerns picture quality, if the staff can't tell you what's being fed into the TV (often the case at BB or CC), then turn around and leave. Also be aware that most stores split the incoming signal to multiple TVs, so you may not be seeing the optimal picture on an otherwise stellar TV. At Soundtrack, they had many TVs hooked up with full surround sound in screening rooms, including the one I wanted (and still enjoy almost 3 years later). I brought in my own DVD, sat down and watched the asteroid chase scene from Attack of the Clones. After that, I was hooked :) A DVD is a good "test run" because you know where the video signal is coming from. Hope this helps!