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samsung home theater, hd plasma tv, cable box, ps3 hook up

08-14-2008, 04:41 AM
Can someone please let me know the best way to hook up my samsung home theater (Model HT-TWZ412), samsung 58" plasma tv, time warner cable box, and sony ps3?....My home theater has the following:
Video Output Jack
Component Video Output Jacks

Television the following:
Back of tv:
Digital Audio out (optical)
Audio out (R/L)
DVI IN (HDMI2) (audio R/L)
HDMI in 1, 2
Antenna in
Component in, AV in 1

TV side:
Wise Link
AV in 2 ( s-video, video, audio R/L)

Cable Box:
RF out
HDMI out
optical appears to be covered up

Thank you

08-14-2008, 09:11 AM
I answered this question a while back, check out the instructions as they may be good for you too:


08-14-2008, 10:15 AM
As far as hooking up you equipment goes... It is hard finding exact info on your HT-TWZ412 to see what inputs it has. From what I can find it has 1 HDMI input and output and 1 optical (toslink) input. Is that the case??? If so and the HDMI in not passthrough, just connect the the PS3 via HDMI to the HT and HDMI out from the HT to the TV. That will take care of both video to the TV and DD 5.1/DTS audio to the HT for games and movies. Connect the cable box to the T V via HDMI and then connect the optical out from the cable box to the HT. So you will need a total of 3 HDMI cables and 1 optical cable. Do not waste your money on overpriced HDMI cables at CC and BB like Monster. You can get high quality HDMI cables at places like monoprice.com for around $7 a piece. Or go to Walmart or Home Depot and get the $25 ones..


And I seen that you stated the optical "appears to be covered up" for the cable box. That is just a litte door that shuts over the input when it is not used to keep dust and stuff from getting in. When/if you get you new optical cable, just make sure to take off the protective covers off each end of the optical cables (if they have them) and just insert it in that space. The door will open.