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HD resolution and Video problem

05-03-2005, 12:44 PM
I just recently purchased the 46" Samsung DLP HL-P46... w/ the Direct TV HD package. I am very happy w/ the picture on the TV, however 3 things I would like clarified. (I am using the Direct Tv H10 receiver)

1) After install, about every 30 min. the TV would go black for about 3 secs - while the audio was still playing - and then the picture comes back. Another installer came out and said the receiver needed to be put to 1080i resolution (I thought the Samsung was native 720p?) and that should fix the problem. I can put the receiver to 1080i or 720p and I get the same picture - which one should I have it on.

2) I was watching 24 last night on Fox HD and whenever there was a dark scene with a lot of black in it. The images would ghost - if a guy moved his head you could see his movement almost as a ghosted image and they wouldn't clear until there was a bright scene again.

3) There have been some audio/video sync problems w/ some of the TV shows.

Any help would be much appreciated (new to HD).


05-03-2005, 06:18 PM
I have the Sammy HLP4663.

1) the screen going black ain't right. Set the box to output 720p, for starters, the native resolution of your set.

2) If you have DirecTV, chances are you're receiving Fox HD OTA with an antenna. Ghosting is sometimes due to multipath. What is your antenna and where is it (Outside? Inside?) You also may need to make some adjustments to your User Menu, i.e., Contrast, Brightness, Color, etc. BTW, it's my opinion that the national feed from Fox is terrible. Don't judge your reception issues when watching "24" on Fox. If "24" looks bad, but the local commercials look great, it's Fox National, not Fox local.

3) I get that every once in awhile on certain broadcasts. I think it may be due to lousy "conversions" of some shows from SD to HD, but I can't prove it. Don't be too quick to blame the set.

Bottom line, you may have multiple problems.

05-03-2005, 07:19 PM
Sometimes sync can be restored by switching to another channel & back again... an example of STB loss of sync...