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More HR21 Problems

05-25-2008, 06:34 AM
Last week, my HR 21 decided it did not want to record some of the series it has always recorded. A check of the history said "program no longer available" even though it recorded in another room on a Tivo receiver. Then, it started losing Sat1. To see if it was a wiring problem, I switched the input wires but the problem remained with Sat1. Doing a reset brings the signal back but it only lasted less than a day.

Customer service told me I had to do a reset all and if that did not fix it, they would send a new receiver. I did so, losing all my settings and shows, of course. The signal came back for about 12 hours and then went out again. Now, I have the additional problem of an extremely slow response to any command. I called again and the guy wanted me to do all the same steps over again. He finally agreed with me that it was not a wiring or dish problem but would not send a new box. He said he needed to send out a tech to check the wires. They have no tech available until the end of next week.

Unless I stop resetting the receiver, if I have both sats working when the tech arrives, he will claim there is no problems. That means I will only have one signal all week.

I have had D* for nearly 15 years and had never had any problems until I went to HD. Like many others, I have lived with the partial recordings and blank recordings since I converted. This new problem is even more aggravating but I do not see any other similar posts. Has anyone else had the HR21 do this?