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Panasonic TH50PHD7UY - HDMI Wont Work

05-23-2008, 02:08 PM
I have a three year old Panasonic TH50PHD7UY and it works fantastic using the component connection. Recently I bought an HD DVD player that refuses to upconvert when a component connection is used so I decided to try its HDMI connection.

The Panasonic TH50PHD7UY had a TY-FB7HM module installed in slot 1 so I thought I could just plug in the HDMI cable, switch to input 1 and it would work BUT I get "no signal" I thought maybe the HDMI module was bad so I stuck a new one in slot 2 and switched inputs -
still "no signal" The modules are in tight, I have tried two different HDMI sources and cables - still "NO SIGNAL"

Has anyone got any ideas what could be causing this?


05-23-2008, 02:44 PM
Have you tried switching the output resolution of the HDDVD player to a 720p or 1080i resolution? Perhaps the older Panasonic set cannot accept a 1080p input signal, which what the HDDVD player's output resolution may be set to. That is my best guess as to what the problem could be.

It could also be an HDMI handshake issue.