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3D Function GIMMICKY? or AMAZING!!!

05-23-2008, 12:19 PM
About 5 min after I purchased my new plasma, I was tooling around inside Circuit City looking at the other Plasmas and LCD's (I just can't help myself), and one of the Sony LCD's had Planet Earth playing on it in HD. The floor salesman started explaining to me that this particular model of Sony LCD (I don't know the model number, but I'd guess it was a 42") had a 3D Effect option built into it. Immediately upon him saying that I smirked and had to have rolled my eyes blatantly enough for him to see it.:bs: Then, to my great surprise, he accessed it in the menu, turned the option on, and HOLY CRAP. :eek: The scene happened to be drifting through some snow covered mountains at the time (so I saw before and after) and instantly it seemed like the mountains jumped about an inch in front of the backdrop of glaciery stuff. I've read stuff about 3D effect on TV's at CES and stuff, but from memory I always remembered they needed you to wear glasses. Obviously this wasn't as dramatic as the image popping through your living room and hitting you in the face like if you were at a 3D ride at MGM or something, but it did make the image instantly "POP" more so than before.

Anybody heard anything about this particular feature set? And if so, what's your impression of it?

05-23-2008, 09:59 PM
I've seen 3d stuff in advertising at local movie theatres and shopping malls. I can't imagine wanted to ever watch anything like this for more than a minute.