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what is the best "steady Sound" or Audio Leveler in a 32" hdtv?

05-18-2008, 08:57 PM
My ears (and remote control) can't take much more! In buying a new HDTV, in addition to a top notch picture, I want "quality sound". Here's my definition of "quality sound" :
The sound WITHIN a program is 'tempered' so that whispers are audible and transitions to dramatic scenes don't BLAST me backwards 5 feet!

Also, the sound/audio level remains within reasonable 'decibel levels' while changing from a program to a commercial AND switching from one channel to another. Can you hear, "BILLY MAYES, HERE!"
I'm looking for a 32"-37" (??? Samsung, Sharp Aquos, Vizio???). Would even consider buying a separate component to fix the audio issue. Thanks, all! Manufacturer Sales Reps form the above companies HAVE NOT responded to my email inquiries after 14 days of 'patience' . I guess my $1000.00 isn't worth their time ;)