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HD DVR; .P.C.?...old TIVO?

05-17-2008, 12:12 AM
I've had Direct TV for years and d relatively happy with little TVO boxes that came with service. Since the new HD signal is presumably digital (or will be in feb. 09), could the signal be recorded from a “non DVR” HD box with either the old TIVO or a PC?

I now have the makings of a tidy little home theater. Direct TV wants me to pay $100 for the privilege of paying $10 more a month for HD.

I've looked around and have seen no “TV cards” that our compatible with satellite and or have digital output at a competitive price at all. I own my TIVO/Dish network boxes and wonder if they cold be hacked to record HD.

I'm new to all this but have been surfing around and trying to use logic for a solution. Wonder who else has and what I'm missing,

Regards, Croak