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Bioshock...The Movie

05-09-2008, 11:24 AM

Bioshock Movie Announced
Pirates of the Caribbean director at the helm of videogame adaptation.
by Brian Linder

May 8, 2008 - IGN first speculated about the possibility of a BioShock movie, based on 2K's best-selling videogame, back in August. Then rumors began to circulate that Pan's Labyrinth and Hellboy helmer Guillermo del Toro was involved. He flatly denied the reports, and the buzz quickly died. Now, however, the project is officially underway with another director, Pirates of the Caribbean's Gore Verbinski, in charge.

According to Variety, Verbinski has been hired by Universal Pictures to direct and produce the film. The script will probably be written by John Logan (Sweeney Todd, The Aviator) if a deal with the scribe can be worked out.

It's not yet clear how closely the movie will mirror the game, but it's a pretty cinema-ready property, so we don't expect much of a departure. The setup goes like this: An eccentric genius named Andrew Ryan creates an underwater utopia called Rapture, gathering the best and brightest scientists, artists and industrialists of his day and relocating there with them. Decades pass and by the time Jack, an aircraft crash survivor, sets foot in Rapture, Ryan's idealistic vision has devolved into a horrifying remnant of a failed society. The decaying art deco city is now littered with corpses, genetically mutated humans, and bio-mechanical monstrosities. The game was largely inspired by Ayn Rand's classic Atlas Shrugged.

"I think the whole utopia-gone-wrong story that's cleverly unveiled to players is just brimming with cinematic potential," Verbinski told Variety. "Of all the games I've played, this is one that I felt has a really strong narrative."

Verbinski said that Rapture's art deco look and the visally impressive characters were what made him want to see the game translated into a film.

There's no release date at this time, but Verbinski told Variety that he plans to start developing the film in earnest as soon as the script by Logan is completed and approved. It should happen sooner than later.

We'll have more BioShock news at it breaks here on IGN!

05-09-2008, 11:32 AM
There has never really been a good videogame-to-movie adaptation, let's hope this is the one to breakthrough. I have high hopes since I've played a little bit and liked it, the story and art direction was very cool and that should translate well to film.

Is that Metal Gear Solid movie still in the works? That has potential, too, especially since Kojima has at least some control over it.

05-09-2008, 11:53 AM
i dont know about MGS movie, but i know theres a dragonball z move in the works to be released next year hahahhaha..

the ONLY really really good movie i've seen IMO that was based off a video game was Silent Hill.. hands down. the movie itself alone was not bad, but when you think about it and the fact that it was based off the video game silent hill, mannnn, it was truely remarkable.. the movie captured every single freaking thing about the game, it was amazing! i couldnt believe how well they pulled it off! everything from the music, sound, hell even the voice acting was like the game :lol: .. the best part was how they captured the "hell version" of silent hill..OOOH MANNNn.. it was killer.. and then Pyramid head shows up.. thats when i was like "oh hell no they didnt!! wwwhhhaa!!" i got goosebumps when i saw that part .. but then again , one needs to have played the silent hill series (especially part 2 and 3) to understand how i feel :lol:

05-09-2008, 02:54 PM
There has never really been a good videogame-to-movie adaptation, let's hope this is the one to breakthrough.

Yeah. Though with a half decent director, a good writer (he also wrote Gladiator) and hopefully some good production values it wont flop. Here's hoping...