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Couple picture quality questions

04-08-2008, 09:03 PM
1. Are some of the SD programs that are broadcast at 1080i particularly fuzzy? Fuzzy to the point of almost being unwatchable? I would think they would be able to do a much better job upconverting back at the source. Is there any hope for them to improve? Coming from Comcast their SD on 1080i was pretty good.

2. This may be related to the above, do they in general have bad SD service at 480i? Again Comcast was much better.

3. Is the quality in general very inconsistent? I watch some HD programs are also burdened with the above fuzziness but then some are top knotch quality, extremely close to OTA.

Since I do get some programs that are exceptionally good I can hope that the above issues will improve. Are they in a transition period here, can I hope for improvement in the future? I'm really wondering if I made the right choice and overreacted to Comcasts' supposed lowering of quality for quantity. :confused:

Thanks for any insight.

04-08-2008, 09:54 PM
Garbage in=garbage out. Some of my programming in SD is watchable. The balance is, oh well. I guess I'm glad that DTV is adding more HD programming so I don't have to watch some of the unwatchable channels out there. A couple of years ago before I got my new Sharp the majority of the channels were just plain horrible on the eyes trying to watch them.

04-09-2008, 05:50 AM
Garbage in=garbage out.
But it should not be as garbagy (is that a word :)) in as it is. I assume, that's why I'm asking, that Comcast gets the same feed and their SD is very watchable to the point of being good for most.

Another question,
Are the signals going from the dish to the box in the same frequency range as those that are present in like let's say a Comcast cable? Does satellite need a better quality cable?
Part of my install used the old cable run from my Comcast install. I tried to find a marking on the cable to see what it was but couldn't find any. I think it was quad shielded but may not be the latest. It's about a 35ft run, do you think that can be adding to the fuzziness particularly on the SD channels? My satelitte signal strengths for the lowest are in the upper 80's although signal strength is not the same as frequency response.

Thanks again

04-11-2008, 05:28 PM
I agree, as someone who has both: Comcast is much, much better at SD than DirecTV is. Don't know why that should be.

Don't have Comcast HD, so can't compare those. But you're right, some of D*'s HD channels are better than others. For instance, it seems to me that PQ on HBO is usually very good, but on Cinemax is sensational.