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Help !! On-Demand

03-30-2008, 02:24 PM
I wanted to hook-up to my TWC broadband and try On-Demand.I been doing my research but I an technically challenged, although handy. It seems cheapest, most effectve and most secure way is to run direct wire. I would have to run about 75' CAT 5 (Im hope thats right designation) but discovered its fairly cheap. Every where I look all they ever discuss is wireless and its related hardware.
If there is someone out there who might have the time to explain to an idiot what exactly I have to do and buy to accomplish this I would greatly appreciate it. I also have second computer sitting next to my primary I would like to hook up. I understand a router would have to be plugged into the TWC modem, but I not even sure of this. Everything I see in advertisements and stores seems to be wireless.
Please include specifics as to model numbers of routers etc. so that I may be able to locate. Your help is greatly appreciated.