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Hey MikeRox! How's GT5: Prologue?

03-28-2008, 04:16 PM
Since when does Europe get the goodies first?

Anyways, fill us all in. Now. Please.

03-28-2008, 05:39 PM
IGN just did a UK review on this game.. they gave it a 8.1 i think. .. i wouldnt expect high reviews for this prologue title..

03-29-2008, 01:11 PM
Im kinda disappointed with the whole deal this time around. First one demo,then Prologue and THEN were gonna get the game.....I dunno. Its weird cause obviously Forza 2 has set a bar but by the time GT4 actually comes T10 might have Forza 3 close to release date....so I dont even know what to compare it to.

03-29-2008, 03:40 PM
Just talked to a freind of mine who was one of the lucky euro's to get GT5p earlier than us. Sadly these were his thoughts as sent to me in an email. He's a Forza guy and has been for weeks starving to play some GT, he only became a Forza guy by default as it has been the only next gen racer worth playing but was always a GT guy....perhaps until now.

"After purchasing GT5p and playing it all day, I cant help but notice that all is not well with the current state of the GT series.

The conclusion i have reached is basically Forza and GT are not too similare games in competition with each other, but two very differant games that will appeal to differant types of gamers.

Online gameplay:

If you are seriously into online raceing Forza is your game, forza is lightyears ahead of GT in this department, GT5p is miles behind and one can clearly see that is not being taken very seriously by the PD, some of the blame is sony's granted, but the absolutly awfull way that PD have consturcted the online gameplay is shoddy beyond belief.

GT5p Lags like you cant belive, visually the games a mess cars jumping and ghosting around all over the place, gameplay wize it has more in common with destuction derby than a racing sim, they seem to have learned nothing from any of the raceing games that have successful online modes.

Online gameplay is a joke, seriously i was shocked at what i saw, you expect to have Gran Turismo but instead of raceing AI your racing humans....sounds great eh?, unfortunatly if thats what you were expecting your going to be very dissapointed, GT online is some other game compleatly something more in common with twisted metal or destruction derby not a raceing sim.


GT5p might technically be better than FM2 in the graphics department, but in reality there are some major faults with gt5p's graphics, for a start there are jaggies everywhere, its like jagged edge city guys, all the lighting in the world cant distract the player from having his eyes offended at every turn by the jagged lines that are everywhere you look.

Another thing is though everything looks nice and shiney, the the environments have a distinctly artificial feel to them, the field of grass have this really horrid look, they look more like astro turf, not just any astro turn but brand new luminesent astro turf, it looks really fake.

Lighting seems screwed up aswell, the light is waaaaaay too bright and the shadows are far too dark, there no middle ground, either your in pitch black or subjected to what appears to be a sun about to go nova, lighting is done poorly, GT5p may technically be superior, but the application of all those superior effects is terrible."

He made this to post it on some forums and sent me a copy as well.....lol his spelling isnt up to snuff but you can get his drift. He's really upset over this and has been bitchin to me all day.