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Old customer who is dissatisfied with new policies

03-23-2008, 05:10 PM
I've had DirecTV for several years now, and purchased a HD TV for Christmas. The current Tivo DVR I have were essentially free after mail in rebates and Best Buy gift cards.

I've been reluctant to upgrade to HD service primarily because of their new "lease" policy. I will not buy a receiver only to be required to return it to DirecTV after I cancel my service. If I were given the hardware, I would have no problem returning it. But for me to just fork over $200+ in hardware is ridiculous. I'm still using my old Sony SAT-A50 receiver because it has an RF antenna whose feed I distribute throughout the hose for guests and the garage/porch.

Additionally, I hear of problems with the current HD DVRs locking up and have numerous other problems.

Can someone inform me why I should continue my DTV service, and stay off of cable.

BTW, 95% of my TV viewing is on Spike, TNT, USA, Discovery, Animal Planet, TLC, Fox news, and DIY.

03-23-2008, 05:45 PM
Maybe because you are going to end up leasing a receiver from the cable company and having to give it back in the end?

If it bothers you that much then stick with what you've got, or try cable.

03-23-2008, 06:46 PM
I had to pay $100 to upgrade my old HD reciever, and dish. When I saw all of the new HD programming with the new dish, and receiver I bought an even bigger screen LCD, and added a DVR. I had to pay an additional $199 for the DVR, and $6 a month. I am quite happy paying the monthly fee to DTV when I compared the cost of the cable company's DVR monthly rental fees. I figure that in about 15 months I am ahead of the game with DTV, and I get a lot more programming in HD with DTV compared to my local cable company (like zero HD offered). So in my case it's a no brainer. BTW I still have not been asked to return any of the old equipment. I suspect that DTV only wants their product back if you cancel in a short period of time, and what you are leasing is still being used. Good Luck!