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FANS... as in CoooLing FANS... CLEAN them !

03-11-2008, 07:34 AM
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03-11-2008, 10:09 AM
On refridgerators, it's not so much the fan you need to worry about. :huh

If the fan is dusty, you can bet the condensor (where the R134 or R12 etc. gas changes from a vapor to a liquid) is completely plugged. That's the important part of the equation. Plugged condensor = no heat exchange. :eek: :thatsit


If your fridge has a fan on the back, it means it does not have a static condensor, (most large units, 20cu.ft. & above, i.e. side by side, have condensors below) you need the fan to pull the heat away from the condensor instead of the heat just rising up the back wall. This fan is not for the compressor, the compressor is hermetic and oil cooled. :stop (You can usually access these from the front behind the toeplate at the bottom, I suggest pulling them right out from the wall though, unplugging the AC cord, removing the cardboard baffle/cover, and vacuuming them out...carefully). Hence, it also pulls dirt & dust etc. across the unit causing it to clog up. Consequently, the fridge cannot release all the heat it's removing from inside the cabinet...evaporator=freezer. Not good. :( ;)

...but yes, clean them, duh ! ha ha ! :duh: :lol:

For what it's worth, and to those who want it. In the summer months, this is my most common service call on fridges, I kid you not. :2cents :)

peace :thumbsup:

macmarkus :)