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can uk spec ps2 use 1080i ??

04-03-2005, 04:50 PM
i have an original 1st version ps2 and component cables.
having read that some people are playing gt in 1080 mode, i dont have that option in the game setings menu.


can uk ps2's show 720 or 1080 images?

is the us version of gt4 different to the uk?
( i am assuming it is as it would natively run an ntsc picture)
can i convert my ps2 to produce ntsc images.

I have succesfully configured my xbox to show both 720 and 1080 on certain games, but the ps2 is proving more slippery than i thought.

tv is pioneer pdp435xde ( hd no probs with xbox and wmvhd)
ps2 is configured to output component via its system menu.

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