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Viewsonic PJ503d projector doesnt recognize video input

01-29-2008, 09:25 AM
I am setting up my computer as an entertainment center with the projector as the 2nd monitor. My idea was to hookup my computer, dvd player, playstation, and vhs to an av switch and connect it to the projector with a composite video cable. I have a vga splitter out of the computer with a straight vga cord to my monitor (which works fine) and a vga to s-video/composite video adapter to the switch. As of yet the projector has only recognized the vga cord from my laptop (looks perfect) and a straight DVD player to projector composite video cable (it didnt recognize it through the av switch) hookup that i tried out of frustration and which had funky coloring anyway (all cyan and blue oddly). And it doesnt recognize any s-video connection that I have tried.
Am I missing something? Why wont the s-video or composite video work through the switch and why is the color bad when i do a straight hookup? I dont mind using the vga hookup, I just dont know how I would be able to hookup my dvd player and vhs player as well if the switch isnt recognized. Any ideas? Thanks. A.