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Proper way to strip RG6 Quad??

01-29-2008, 06:40 AM
I recently had DTV upgrade to HD. With this install I was left with a rather large coil of RG6 Quad shield coax on the floor of my bedroom. I would like to trim it a bit shorter. I have the stripping tool and “F” connector compression tool. My question is…
How deep to strip?
(Obviously, exposing the copper core would be the depth of that section)

I could go through the rubber casing, pull back the first braided shielding wire. Then cut through the foil with a blade and pull back the second layer of braided shielding wire and insert into “F” connector.
Cut through the rubber casing, first layer of braided shielding wire and foil. Pull back the second layer of braided shield and insert into “F” connector.

Which way is the correct or OFFICIAL way??


Mark M
01-29-2008, 10:34 AM
Depending on you stripping tool, most of them are set to have the cable flush with the outer edge, once you place the cable in the stripper. By turning the stripper, it should score the jackets to prepare the cable properly. If done correctly, you should have about 3/8"or more of the center conductor, copper, exposed. There should also be about 3/8" of braiding exposed. To get the fitting on, you will have to seperate the braiding from the center dielectric to install it properly.

Most people that try installing quad cable do not get the braiding out of the way. When pushing on the fitting the braiding goes underneath the collar of the fitting and starts to mushroom under the pvc jacket preventing the fitting to go on all of the way.

The fitting will be on properly, when the center, white dielectric is flush with the opening in the middle of the fitting. The center conductor, copper stinger, should extend over the top of the fitting no more that the width of a penny.