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5 wire component cable vs 3 wire

01-28-2008, 04:35 PM
I am in dire need. My contractor ran a 5 wire HD cable, specifically the Planet Waves RGB5HD wire in my walls of my new home. It has a blue, green, red, yellow and white cable. All of my components including the HD cable box, have the blue, green, red outputs for video (y, Pr & Pb) and the red and white for the audio outputs. So does the back of my brand new Panasonic Plasma TV. I tried simply matching the colors on the component cable (and I alternated the yellow between the video and audio red, to no success) and hooking up the tv but I get a mostly black and white screen with some reds and greens mixed in. The audio works fine but the video doesn't. Can someone help me? What can I do?:what:

01-28-2008, 06:21 PM
Be very careful to match the red, green and blue at the cable box and the TV. Then connect the white to the audio white and the yellow to the audio red.

If you still have video problems, have the connectors on the cable checked and also check that the cable has not had a nail driven through it.

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