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Review my connection setup?

01-25-2008, 10:50 AM
The components:

Tv: Pio 5080
STB: will be vip622
DVD: probably hd-A3
Xbox 360
AVR: Old Denon, probably 8 years old, no HDMI support. 1 digital coax, 1 digital optical. The rest is RCA.

For now, I plan on making due with the Denon, so I realize everything will not be optimum for now, and that is okay.

Xbox: The way I see it I need to run component vid and RCA audio from the 360 to the tv. Though I may just run the RCAs directly to the AVR. Okay?

DVD: HDMI to tv for optimum SD DVD upscaling? Optical audio direct to AVR. Okay? Problem with sending HDMI audio to tv and optical to the AVR?

STB: HDMI to tv

TV: RCA audio to AVR

For now I'm most concerned with making sure the video and audio are optimized for dvd/hd dvd viewing. The other sources are okay to be rca audio.

How did I do?? (Besides not getting with the times and buying a HDMI AVR)

One last thing. I'd consider buying the HDMI/Optical cable for the 360 in order to get better sound by running the optical directly to the AVR. But that would mean I need an alternative to the HD-A3 that has digital coax audio output to the AVR. Any low price upscaling players that fit the bill?

01-25-2008, 02:04 PM
Wow, either I nailed the set up and no comment is necessary.... or it's sooooooooo bad that it's beyond help.....


Anyone? Bueller? What about using a optical switch to run DVD, 360, and VIP622 to the optical input on the AVR? The VIP 622 does have an optical out correct?