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Charter Michigan Motorola IR issue

01-16-2008, 11:48 AM
Help me get my IR PC/TV Tuner working with my cable box if possible.

Hello, I am trying to hookup a new computer with a TV Tuner card and the IR signal seems to be not working. I can change the cable box channel with the Charter remote and can see the light flicker in the cable box where I think the IR is which is right over that flickering light I'm thinking. Anyway, when I put the USB IR cable from my TV Tuner card over that exact spot, the PC/TV Tuner remote does not translate this to the cable box. I had read one place where Charter disables the IR on there boxes, but I am not sure about this. Basically this means that if I don't get the IR working, I have to manually change with the Charter remote to the station I want to record from. Which means I can't schedule multiple different recordings during the day on different channels since my computer/Media Center can't relay that chanel change to my cable box. I can record the analog signal stuff, since it does not use the cable box, but not the digital stuff.

01-16-2008, 11:44 PM
Not really sure I can help. But noone else has stepped forward. Did you use a wizard to setup the remote with your computer? I have Media Center on my computer. I needed to press a few buttons on the remote to train the computer to work with my remote. Hope this helps. If not, good luck anyway. Maybe someone else can help you more than me.