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Panel, Blu-Ray, DVDR and VHS Hookup Suggestions?

jim mohundro
01-15-2008, 12:59 PM
Before my 42 Panny plasma arrives, together with the Panny Blu-Ray player, here is how I envision my set-up, with its connection limitations:

cable box component out to component in on Panny panel (the cable box has only a component out and a composite out)

cable box composite out to Panny DVDR DMR-E80H composite in. The DVDR has a component out but no component in, and several composites in and out

Panny Blu-Ray player HDMI out to HDMI in on Panny panel

Panny DVDR component out to component in on panel*

Panny VHS recorder composite out to composite in on Panny DVDR (for dubbing VHS tapes to DVD). The Panny VHS has only coax and composite connections in and out.

Panny VHS recorder composite out to composite in on Panny panel for the occasional playing of VHS tapes and for monitoring dubbing of VHS tapes to the DVDR.

*This could be simply (and much cheaper) a composite out to the Panny panel given all the material recorded on the DVDR will be input on composite, but the Panny DVDR could serve, I think, as a backup for playing SD DVDs on the panel. Am I correct in assuming the PQ likely to be improved significantly by using the component output from the Panny DVDR to the component input of the Panny panel instead of the composite connections for SD DVD playing?

I invite any suggestions for improving this setup, given the connection limitations of the hardware.


01-15-2008, 07:59 PM
'Tis a shame that the Panny, especially for the price, does not have S-video input.

jim mohundro
01-16-2008, 01:49 AM
They don't make 'em like that anymore, if you're writing about the Panny DVDR. A problem with my original thread is that all my equipment, by sheer happenstance, is Panasonic and the individual pieces were not picked to match with each other, so I'm not entirely sure which about which Panny you're writing.

If the DVDR, the only alternate (to the cable box component out) is a composite out for feed to the Panny DVDR, so an S-Video input on the DVDR wouldn't mate with the cable box, anyway.

If you are writing about the Panny panel, it will have at least one free component input and one free composite input, and it does have three S-Video inputs.

jim mohundro
01-16-2008, 10:46 AM
Further research on the Comcast web site shows me a "wiring diagram" for the HDTV Box. The box does have an S-Video output which, I assume, I combine with the right and left (white and red) composite audio outputs to deliver video and audio to the S-Video and composite audio inputs of my Panny DVDR. Then I assume I should output the video from the S-Video output and output the audio from the composite outputs on the DVDR to the S-Video and composite inputs on my Panny plasma.

As before, the Panny Blu-Ray player outputs with an HDMI cable to the Panny plasma, and the cable box outputs through its component video outputs and the digital optical audio out directly to the Panny plasma.

Have I got this closer to correct?