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Surround sound issues with HDMI and Optical Wire

01-13-2008, 08:21 PM
I recently added a DVR from Cable company and wanted to use my surround sound. Anyway, I Have the DVR connected via HDMI and my Personal DVR/DVD Burner connected to the other HDMI.:busy: Have an Optical cable going to the surroud sound from the TV. Everything was working fine with the STB DVR. Wanted to watch a dvd and when I started my DVD/PVR, the sound was lost. What is going on with the sound? It was working with the STB before I changed to the other input.

I remember having this issue when I initially installed my DVR/Burner and just used a Optical from the DVR to the SS. I ran out of inputs on the SS so I thought I could just turn off the TV Speakers and eliminate some wires. :what: