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CES goodies

01-09-2008, 12:20 PM
If we can get away from the red vs blue for a bit, what products have you seen on the CES reports that interest you.

1- A recent photo mag showed a 2 gig SD card that also had wireless connectivity built in AND that would work with any camera. Sho'nuff it showed up and appears to be WiFi compatible rather than BlueTooth (thankfully). it's incredible that you can just pop one of these puppies into a SD camera and download directly to you home network. Now, where is the CF card for Canon DSLR users.

2- Panasonic has introduced a small camera that has built in T-mobile connectivity, not new to cell phones but it is to high mp cameras

3- Disappointingly, have not seen anything interesting sporting a OLED display screen. Thought that by now these would start to show up on cameras and camcorders

4- How does Apple always do it? A veritable plethora of "me too" iPhone clones. Some times Apple just hits a home run, guess they did with the iPhone too. I do not own one yet, but have used them, seems to be where all cell phone services are going.

5-Robots, weird these have been showing up since Heath Kit days and still are only for amusement. At least the old HK models had a tray so they could carry you a drink and chips from the kitchen. Oh well, just proves how difficult that technology really is, maybe next decade?

6- Almost forgot, solid state hard drives....very fast and very sheik!

What have you seen you would like to comment about?