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Need a HDMI and HD Componet Input Selector :(

01-06-2008, 12:44 PM
Hi, new to the forum as was just looking around for answers, so i dont know if this will be placed in the right section or not but have a favour to ask ya.

I currently have a oldish philips 42" plasma that has only got the dvi input for the hd selection etc, but on the onscreen selection it will have the option of pc A and D and hd shows D but i guess should have A etc.

Now to my problem. i have an xbox 360 that is running thru the vga lead and then into a dvi convertor etc and then this will run fine thru the telly with no porblems i just select pc on the input and that. i then purchased a PS3 and and a hdmi to dvi lead and again this is working fine and all is good.

the problem is thou that i only have the one dvi port on the back of the telly and dont want to have to keep unplugging the leads all the time. so i purchased a dvi switch box that i think is the full connections or it says that it should be. i also got a dvi-d(i) lead the one again with all the pins on.

when i plug the units in and swap the ps3 will play fine but the xbox will just not display no matter what settings i use on the tv etc. so i'm guessing that there is a problem with the switch box even thou all should be there.

so any one have any ideas??? had this problem?? and can think of an av type unit that will allow for both componet hd and hdmi etc to be plugged in so that i can use them. ideally would need a hdmi output then i can use the cable that i have already. or anything really that will help me in my quest of not having to move the tv all the time

Thanks a lot in advance and sorry for going on lol