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Samsung LE40F86

12-28-2007, 06:51 AM
Hi guys,

I recently bought the new F8 model of Samsung LE40F86 with 100hz motion plus and 25:000:1 contrast. I don't know what this model is called in the States or U.K since the model type could be different compared to the rest of europe.

I connected my PS3 with HDMI cable to the tv and also connected my xbox 360 with the standard hdmi cable they give you.

When running on a light or dark background you will see this black beam running across your screen all the time. Though I noticed when i'm watching tv or not running on HDMI you don't see it.

Could it be that the settings are wrong or maybe the cables ? It doesn't seem to be a tv problem since I don't see these beams when I don't run on full HDMI or at least lower that 720i

Thx in regards