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Apologies but Question Repeated

12-25-2007, 09:22 AM
My apologies. The question was asked and an answer given but I can't find the thread!

I've just moved into a new house which I had "wired" with RG6 Co-Ax and CAT5 throughout. I have (at the moment) ONE Directtv HD receiver which is connected to my new Panasonic TV by way of my Denon Stereo Receiver using component cables. The DSS Receiver connections include an "off-Air In" Coax; "Satellite Coax In" and "RF Remote Antenna" and the usual S-video; HDMI; and, composite video. The Denon (AVR 1708) does not have a "Coax out".

I was initially assured by the installer that I would be able to connect other TVs in the house to this one receiver using the RG6 cables. Now that he has finished, he says that; "No. You can't do that with an HD DSS receiver." His co-worker asserts that it can be done through the Denon though I can't imagine how.

I read something about using the RF Remote Out with a modulator but I probably misunderstood the conversation.

Do I have to pay to re-activate my old receiver and use a splitter for "satellite tvs" or is there otherwise a reasonable solution?