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poor quality SD TV with S-video worse then RF

03-10-2005, 09:44 PM
i bought a toshiba 32HF73 4x3 tv. HD tv is not yet avaliable here but hopefully soon. so im watching SDTV on it i first got it and hooked it up with theRF cable from my cable box to my VCR-DVD recorder to my tv. everything was fine look quite good for SD on a HDTV. i then thoguht id try s-video so it could be a little better. i hooked my s-video directy from my DVR digital cable box to my tv and it was absolutly horrible.

it was all grainy and blocky escpecially the lower channels below 70 my other channels like hbo and showtime were better but still horrible especially in fast movement it would get very blocky.

i then bought a very expensive ULTRA THX 1000 S-video cable 4ft it was like $50 and it was still bad slightly better then my cheap cable by my RF connection with coax c cable is far better.

i am using charger digital cable on a SA DVR does anyone konw why s-video is so horrible compared to rf s-video i thought was suppose to be alot better then RF

03-11-2005, 05:05 PM
SVideo IS usually much better than RF over Coax... you've got something wrong here... You should ALSO be using SVideo between STB & DVD-R. Your DVR may have a bad SVideo output port.

Big Bob1077
03-11-2005, 06:04 PM
In my opinion, if you go with better cables (S-Video, Component, etc.) over the regular coax, the picture will look worse when watching SD analog (and badly compressed) and digital TV. The S-Video is doing it's job, which is giving you more of the picture, but on HDtvs, it's also projecting noise and on artifacts you normally can't see on an analog TV. :(