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cnet review of A3000

12-12-2007, 01:22 PM

I'm considering the Sony 60A3000. CNET recently reviewed the 55A3000, which tops their RP rating chart. I had a question about de-interlacing and 3:2 pulldown performance that maybe someone could help clarify. The review states:

..."There is also loss of resolution in the Custom and Cinema picture modes; in neither mode could the HDTV resolve the full 1080i signal from our generator, although it did so in Standard. To address the issue, Sony confirmed that it will make a firmware upgrade available in the next few weeks to A3000 owners through its Web site. According to the company, the upgrade will be sent out on USB keys free of charge upon request, and so will not require a service visit. We received the upgrade, and it worked well on our review sample, restoring Custom and Cinema to the same resolution as Standard"

They go on to state:

"... However, the processing does not de-interlace film-based 1080i HD material properly, which reduces some vertical resolution from 1080i material from off-air HD broadcasts, and cable and Satellite TV HD sources. "

This seems a little contradictory. The first paragraph claims the set de-interlaces OK in Standard mode. However, the 2nd paragraph indicates that there are problems with 1080i material from off-air HD broadcasts, cable and satellite tv HD sources. Aren't all of the later 1080/60 and not 1080/24, eliminating the 3:2 pulldown required for 1080/24 film material? Also, was curious to know if the firmware upgrade for proper de-interlacing in Custom and Cinema modes is available yet and if anyone has found it to be a successful patch.

Sorry for the long post, responses would be appreciated. Thanks.