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Anyone own a Samsung HL P6163 or 5685W?

03-10-2005, 01:16 PM
If so, can you let me know your thoughts? Thanks.

03-10-2005, 03:44 PM
Be aware -
If you play video games at all, the ONLY Samsung to be the correct choice (according to the guy at Samsung that tests video games on their tv's) is the HLP5067 (3rd gen).

That being said, I have an HLN507 (1st gen) that they are replacing with the HLP5067 due to video game issues. I have loved the set for almost a year.

The other (larger) 3rd gens may be coming out around June/July. I would make sure to get at LEAST a 2nd gen (for reasons easily accessible elsewhere on this site) You can get HLN'S (1st gen)probably attractively cheap right now. HLP's (2nd gen) would be the better choice with the HLN's being preferred, but again, not out till June/July...

03-10-2005, 06:23 PM
I have the HLP6163. Fabulous picture, I love it. Especially nice with direct tv Hughes HR10-250. Search to read about the "blotches" that may appear on set. Samsung is replacing mine [I am 120 miles from service center].

Alll in all, I would buy again. Good Luck

03-11-2005, 05:34 PM
PS. Read all the other problems in here people are having with the 5063w and 6163w series .!!!!Read the answer given to me above about sam.5063w vs 5085w The 5063 and 5065 w series have the smaller light engine wheel which has given problems,they samsung that is after the probs.with 5063w or all the second series sets changed the light engine back to a larger type the 3rd gen 74w series and 85w series have the good ti chips or engines.

03-11-2005, 06:05 PM
The xx63 series use the HD3 chip (wobbelizer) while the others use the HD2+. The xx74 uses a 6 segment color wheel, the other two use seven segment wheels.

03-12-2005, 07:48 AM
Any comments on using PS2 and Samsung DLPs? Some people complain about a video game delay but I'm wondering it if is hookup related. TIA

03-12-2005, 05:10 PM
All I can say is I'm loving GT4 on my 5085. I'm only using S-video right now while I wait for the component cable to get here. I havn't noticed any problems with mine. From what I understand, the more upscaling the TV has to do the worse the problem is. So I can understand if your using regular RCAs to hook the thing up there might be some delay. I was actaully kind of surprised the Svideo works as well as it does after all the problems I kept hearing about.

03-13-2005, 08:33 AM
Best results when you feed you display it's native res, 720p, so no video format conversion has to be done. If you like SVideo's 480i, you're going to LOVE 720p over component!

03-15-2005, 02:33 AM
All I can say is I'm loving GT4 on my 5085. I'm only using S-video right now while I wait for the component cable to get here.

I was looking at the PS2 manual, and it says that its component outs aren't compatible with HD inputs (Y Pb Pr), only with Y Cb/Pb Cr/Pr inputs. Does that mean it may not work with the 6163?

03-15-2005, 03:54 PM
From everything I've heard, it works fine... perhaps the inputs are more flexible in color space than I'd realized... I thought Y/Cr/Cb was only for EDTV & 480p. Or the manual is wrong, which wouldn't be a big surprise!

03-23-2005, 06:55 PM
I just purchased The 5685W , absolutely love it. Exceeded my expectations !

03-24-2005, 09:30 AM
DarrylHifi, how much did you pay for 5685?? I am trying to decide if I should buy 56' or 61'. Everybody sais bigger is better but more important is if the PQ is better. I am not sure if both have HDMI, so it is important to know.

RSawdey, what do you think? I don't have any idea what a "wobblizer" is. So, 5674, 5683 or 6163??? Thanks for your input.\


03-24-2005, 02:15 PM
I paid 3.099.00 . Could have probably gotten it for less, but I was able to get it at this price at a high end store I trust, so I wanted piece of mind in case the TV was a lemon {which it is not !} that I could exchange it. Ive never seen the 61 , but an HT installer whom I trust compared the 2 and said the 5685 had a significantly better PQ.
I wanted to wait till next year , but my Hitachi died , so I had to pull the trigger. I could not be happier with the PQ !

03-24-2005, 04:34 PM
The HLP 6163 is a 3rd generation dlp . The picture is good on some of the channels and not so good on others. From what I understand, if the channel is sending out a crummy signal...you get a crummy picture. The HD is fantastic!

03-25-2005, 06:05 AM
I have a 6163- had it for 4 months now - Love it very satified---- a lot depends on what programming you have available ----
The TV is much better than the programming but that is changing fast----
I love mine and would buy it again----- I did buy the extended warrenty as this is a new tech.

03-25-2005, 07:35 AM
I have the 6163 for about 6 months now. Just had the ISF cal done and the picture looks even better. I have not had one problem with it

03-25-2005, 11:25 AM
61' owners.. thanks for the input. I don't know if you ever compared with 56' Samsung models, but they have 2000:1 or 2500:1 ratio compare to 61' which has 1500:1 contrast ratio. Is it noticable? Sorry for bothering, I guess I'll try to find a store to compare the two side-by-side. Thanks anyway.


03-25-2005, 05:06 PM
There are actually THREE distinct models here, the xx63, xx74, xx85.

xx63 models have the HD3 DLP chip, and use a 7 segment wheel at 10,000 RPM.
(this is the wobbulated model with half as many mirrors as pixels)

xx74 models have the HD2+ DLP chip, and use a 6 segment wheel at 9,000 RPM

xx85 models have the HD2+ DLP chip and use a 7 segement wheel at 10,000 RPM.

xx85 models have the best picture, but some dislike the futuristic 'Captain Kirk' look of it's non-detachable pedestal. Others are tabletop models.