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LG 37LB5D - TruM Drive (120Hz) Question

11-29-2007, 09:32 PM
I have been looking at possibly buying the LG 37LB5D 1080p.

Having visited a local retailer the salesmen were a bit unsure whether the TV had TruM Drive (120Hz Panel).

Upon investigation of the LG website it contradicts itself when comparing models.

When comparing just the 37 models (37LB5D 37LB4D 37LC7D) it says it does and when comparing the 37LBD on the comparison chart it says it doesnt.

The User Manual (pdf version) says it does not as well.

So if anyone has the LG 37LB5D can you please clarify for me. I am waiting for an answer from LG direct but curiousity killed the cat!!!