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new addition .... DVD recorder help

11-28-2007, 05:34 PM
Mr Binck,
I have added an additional component to my set up - This has to be one of the best bargains that I've gotten in a long time. Radio Shack has reduced the price to $29.... for that price, I had to grab it just to play with.

Presidian PDR-0163 DVD recorder DVD-R / DVD-RW

2 x RCA(Video), 2 x RCA(Audio), 2 x S-Video(S-video)
1 x RCA(video), 1 x RCA(Audio), 1 x S-Video(S-video),
1 x RCA(Component video)

** I have the unit connected to play DVDs and record analog channels 2-64 via the built in NTSC tuner.
Can I bypass the tuner and record a HD channel if it is the channel I am viewing at the time?

I disconnected my original Sony DVD unit and plugged the recorder in its place.

I have S video 'out' and audio 'out' from the Hitachi TV into the DVD recorder - also have digital cable IN to DVD recorder.

Thanks for all your previous help tips/diagrams.

Ok, here ya go.

http://www.highdefforum.com/gallery/data/511/40System_Hookup_2.jpg (http://www.highdefforum.com/gallery/showphoto.php/photo/91/sort/1/cat/511)