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I think a Salesman told the truth the other day?

11-27-2007, 04:43 PM
I was at a electronics store "American TV" the other day and I picked up the Onkyo 805 and some polks (yes they are awsome) and I know that a digital signal there is no diff. in the cable. However I was still not sure about a sub-woofer. So I asked the guy if he would recomend the Monster (they had a $35 one) he actually told me "NO" they are a waste of money he did sell me the splitter that goes into my sub-woofer) I still don't understand how it turns one signal into two?

But he told me just to pull out one of thoes old VCR RCA cable that had the yellow wire like 2 times as big as the red/white ones and use that with the splitter. made sense to me.