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Switched video on cable coming to TiVo in 2008

Lee Stewart
11-26-2007, 11:24 AM
Switched video on cable coming to TiVo in 2008

TiVo and the National Cable and Telecommunications Association (NCTA) have announced a new external adapter that will allow cable operators to roll out switched video while still playing nice with third-party devices like the TiVo HD and Series3 DVRs. The devices will hook up to a CableCARD host device via USB and use software to choose channels, eliminating yet another set-top box but giving cable providers a break on bandwidth requirements. The devices will begin shipping to TiVo customers -- and other compatible CableCARD devices -- in the second quarter of 2008


11-26-2007, 11:45 AM
Here's a link to the actual press release:


Just a clarification: The device will not be "shipping to ... customers". The device will be made available, probably for a monthly rental fee, to subscribers to cable services.