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Ps3 40, 60, 80

11-22-2007, 12:22 PM
Some movies and some gaming on a Panny 42" HD set. No PS games so BC is not an issue. Marantz SR2500 system for surround sound. I know I will need an optical switch as the Marantz only has one optical in. Your thoughts, please. And, by the way I want the PS because the Blu-ray player is built in and I do not want another box cluttering up the looks of my den so the 360 is not in this game.

11-22-2007, 12:57 PM
Just wanted to note that the 360 add-on HD-DVD player does not take up much room. Mine sits on top of the 360. If you really like what the 360 is offering right now, I wouldn't let the HD-DVD player stand in your way. My :2cents

11-22-2007, 01:32 PM
I would go for the 80 gig PS3. It has 4 usb slots vs 2 on the 40 gig. It is the better value @ $499 and there is no need to buy an add on nexgen dvd player. Also the rumor is that on Saturday 11/24 starting @ 8am @ Walmart you'll get the 10 free Blu-Ray's in addition to the 5 by mail if you purchase the 80gig. Not to mention you'll get Motorstorm in the bundle. Even if you don't score the free blu-rays at Walmart, spending the extra $100 for the 80 vs the 40 is the better value. An extra 2 usb slots & another 40gigs on the hard drive. Those extra usb slots are going to come in handy if you plan on buying RockBand. Let us know what you decide!!

11-22-2007, 02:16 PM
i actually would recommend the 40GB. if your going to do "some" movie and "some" gaming then the extra 40GB will probably just be a waste of space since 80GB is already a large amount. also BC is something you dont care about. i would save the $100 and go with the 40GB.

so the free bluray movies only apply when you buy the 80Gb?? theres still a holiday bluray promotion going on where you get 5 frree bluray movies in either case.