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Problem with VS-60803 (Mitsubishi 60"). It looks like it lost its vertical hold.

11-20-2007, 12:57 PM
I am at my wife's grandparent's place for a family function and there are many, many kids who the adults are taking turns supervising so that they don't impale themselves on things. One of the pacification tools we've been using is a Wii and a big screen TV.

Sometime earlier today the mitsubishi TV they were playing on lost its vertical hold. That is, the screen looks like it's rapidly cycling upwards.

Remember old TVs and that knob that you'd twist and the picture would cycle up or down? It's like that. Sort of. It cycles from VERY FAST to sort of slow but it won't hold the picture steady. I've tried factory resets, reseting all AV setting and even entering service mode and playing with all of the geometry and convergence functions. No luck.

The TV is a Mitsubishi Diamond HD-1080 60" rear projection (VS-60803).

I'd post a video of the problem but apparently I can't post urls till I've had 5 posts.

I called a Mitsubishi service place and the tech has yet to return my call (I've called a few times). I'm hoping maybe some of you might have had some experience with this problem?

Any help would be appreciated.

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