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FCC looks to deregulate cable companies further

Lee Stewart
11-12-2007, 08:23 PM
FCC looks to deregulate cable companies further

12 November 2007 13:22 by Davedough

In a recent move by the Federal Communications Commission things could begin to look up for cable subscribers. A new regulation that could take effect soon looks to make large cable providers like Comcast and Time Warner to slash the prices they charge for smaller television programmers to lease space on spare cable channels. This move, could then trickle to the consumer by way of allowing a wider variety of shows to choose from as independent broadcasters have an easier means in which to get their product out there.

In addition, their deregulation attempts could limit cable companies from having any more than 30 percent of subscribers in a given area. This proposal comes as a result of the FCC's annual review of competition in the video industry.

FCC Chairman Kevin Martin stated, "In every other industry regulated by the FCC, there have been significant decreases in the price of services, such as in long-distance rates and wireless rates. But the one exception to that is cable rates, which have gone up almost 100 percent."

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