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Guide Not Displaying Properly

10-21-2007, 07:14 AM
I'm having a big problem with my Guide Display not displaying the information for what's coming on. I get a lot of "regular programing" instead of what the program is. Sometimes there's just something that says "upcoming". It's only affecting one receiver in the house (we have two receivers in two separate rooms). I've rebooted and sometimes it fixes the problem, but it comes back later. I've tried using the "system refresh" on the website, it doesn't work. Keeps telling me to try again. I called yesterday and the tech didn't understand what I was telling her and had me unplug the receiver for a hard reset. I thought the red button on the front did this. Anyway, this is the H20 receiver with the BBand converter. Could my problem be the receiver or that BB converter.

I should be able to get guide information hours ahead . This was never a problem before I got this new receiver. I do have the Protection Plan, but need some input from anyone who has experienced this problem.