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Ok, I have the Vertical Stretch issue with my Toshiba TN61X81

09-28-2007, 01:34 AM
I have an issue where all HD content in 16:9 ratio is stretched vertically instead of being forced to letterbox. Now I understand that there's not much I can do about this since its an older TV, but I've read up on these workarounds.

First of wich is here
Is this method still a good one to use? Its obviously old but is it still considered an efficient way of fixing this?

Second is this one, HDP-1, First off, what exactly is it? In this post , http://forums.canadian-tv.com/showthread.php?t=314
it says
" the HDP-1, it is a box which allows first generation hdtv's to view a high definition signal in its native 16x9 format. These early tv's could not do the vertical squeeze and thus presented the picture full screen 4x3. Sounds ok except everything was vertically stretched to fit the screen, throwing off the proportions (everybody was tall and skinny). "

This sounds like an easy fix for my problem. Is this the best method to use to fix this very annoying problem? If so, where can I find out more about it and where can I get one?