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connecting hdtv to pc with vga...please help!

09-19-2007, 03:42 AM
whats up guys. im really new at all this stuff so bear with me...and thanks in advance for any replies!

i just recently purchased a magnavox 19" lcd hdtv (model 19MF337b). I am hooking this up to my old dell 600m (ATI mobility radeon 9000 graphics). I am using a vga-vga cable to do this.

I just have a couple of questions...

1) the picture on the hdtv is ok, and everything fits, but the text and graphics are somewhat blurry and distorted. every time i play downloaded hd video, the picture does not come out as well as i hoped. is this due to the graphics card on my computer...and nothing else? what can i do to get view hd?

2) i read online that if you dont change the resolution of the pc to one that matches the hdtv...it will damage the lcd tv. is this true for a vga connection as well? in my case, would i need to change my pc's resolution in order to prevent damage? If yes, how would i do this?

Thanks again for any answers or replies...