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Sony KDF-50E3000 concerns

09-13-2007, 11:56 AM
New tv with the xbox 360 and have atwo concerns on it.
I have noticed with tv off screen is no longer same shade, middle is bleached out a bit, but on tv seems ok.

Playing only one game I have noticed white lines arounds figures(men) or on some buildings, things look like they move or flash when they are not. Not sure if this is on all games.

Tell me what ya think guys.


09-14-2007, 07:01 AM
The white spot on the screen when the tv is off is from ambient light being reflected internally. This is normal for RPTV's and it is even mentioned in my user manual, so nothing to worry about there. Not sure about the white lines around the figures but you may want to play with your settings and turn sharpness down and see if that helps.


09-14-2007, 07:18 AM
ill try that, was turning sharpness up actually.

it was a toss up between a dlp or this Bravia......took the Bravia because i was under the assumption rear projection does games better. But I don't like the fact of changing bulbs every couple years either......whats your feed back on that?

09-14-2007, 09:34 AM
Both, DLp tv's and the Bravia are rear projection, just different tech, and opinions are about the same as what one does games better, so it comes down to personal choice more than anything!

09-30-2007, 08:23 PM
picture is great, games look great, just wonder how long it will last.