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Pioneer PRO-730HDI??

02-15-2005, 07:00 PM
Ok, been investigating HDTV's and had pretty much made up my mind on either a JVC 61v585 or a Hitachi 60vs/vx810/915.
Made the mistake of seeing a Pioneer (CRT) PRO-730hdi. Wow,
the best pic I've seen particularly in non high def programming.
Beautiful case (pretty big though).
Anyway, the Pioneer x30 series has a problem with line streaking
after about 6 months in some sets. Pioneer says they have a fix
and will warranty against this beyond the 2 year warranty. The dealer
will also give me a written statement that he will refund my $$$$ or
trade for a different brand set. This was a $7500 (msrp) set in
2004 and I can maybe get it for a little under 4K.
As we know CRT RPTV's have the best pics even though this tech is now going out of favor. Am I dumb to consider this set?
Sure is purdy.