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RCA Scenium DLP TV has black spots on bottom

09-04-2007, 02:31 PM
My roommate and I have a large RCA Scenium DLP HDTV
We sat down to watch TV the other day and we noticed three distinct marks on the bottom of the TV. They are very geometrical in shape and look like polygons, starting at the very bottom, going up about 2 inches as a dark gray / black, and then a lighter gray for another inch or so. You can see the marks when the TV is off as well. When you're watching the TV these marks make that area of the picture extremely dark on the dark/gray black part, and slightly darker in the light gray section. Does anyone have any deal what this is, and how much it would probably cost to fix? I went to the local certified RCA repair shop and they wanted $150 just for a "diagnostics" :-\