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Dead & Stuck Pixels on EVERY TV!

gerry .
02-13-2005, 03:54 PM
I'm in the market for a 61" HDTV. After doing some research, including reading the comments in these forums, I decided to go out this afternoon shopping for a TV. The two models I was particularly interested in were the Samsung 61" DLP and the JVC 61" HD-ILA. I went to Best Buy, Sears, Tweeter and Circuit City and noticed two disturbing trends...

1) I found dead and/or stuck pixels on sets of almost every brand (including the Samsung and JVC I was interested in.

2) The sales people at all of the stores are completely un-informed on what causes this and in how it is resolved. (I got responses like replacing the bulb fixes this all the way to it's a dust particle that got caught inside the screen!)

What do you guys think? This has been a real shocker and eye-opener. I almost wish I hadn't started reading these forums (I probably wouldn't even have noticed and you know ignorance is bliss)! Seriously though I am glad I found out BEFORE I purchased not after! But now I'm really discouraged about purchasing a new TV and I'm seriously considering purchasing one of the huge Mitsibishi CRT HDTV's! Any ideas??


02-13-2005, 09:52 PM
This is more a problem of knowing it is there. The real test is if you see them at your normal viewing distance. If you think about it, we are dealing with displays with millions of pixels. In manufacturing it would be so costly to throw out any product that had no defective pixels. The HDTV's would be prohibitively expensive. I suppose you could get a TV with none, but that would be a rare experience.

02-14-2005, 08:57 AM
Stuck pixels are just one of those things that you'll never get away from. DLP and HDILA are victims to stuck pixels. Plasma and LCD are suspect to pixel "burnout". CRT and CRT RPTV are suspect to dead pixels.
Their are a lot of reasons as to why these problems occur. If your really concerned about this particular problem, I would highly recommend CRT or CRT RPTV. A dead pixel on CRT RPTVs would be harder to notice, and that technology has been around the longest and is a proven technology.

02-14-2005, 08:50 PM
I have had 3 JVC DILA's and while not a single one of them had a dead pixel, all of them had smudge marks on the screen. These smudge marks go away after an hour and are barely noticeable even when you first turn on the set. But, do you want to spend 4-5G's on a set with this flaw? Just as in your case, no one seem's to know the problem. The service manager suggested that maybe they are supposed to be there! The on site service tech they sent out had never seen the problem and didn't have a clue. JVC has not returned my call. This is my 4th TV (returned an LG due to excessive fan noise)

02-14-2005, 10:32 PM
I don't think Beastslayer1 is right about lcd displays. I think LCD's will get "stuck" but LCD is not a light source so it can't burn out. However since LCD's don't produce light but are just in a sense a door to block or allow light to pass through they have to have a colored mask in front of them. This being said if an LCD gets stuck it will usually be one of the three colors (red, green, or blue). I've seen them in computer monitors, when the monitor is on but displaying black you can see a small colored square.

I have seen a Sony (I have a Sony 55xs955) at BB that had a large (1/2" x 1/2") white square that just stayed on no matter what was being displayed. I think this was more of a software issue where all three lcd panels were being told to open. I have to believe due to the size (at least 100 adjasent pixels) and the fact that Sony uses three LCD panels that have their own light paths. I did notice a few days later that the set didn't have this issue (same model and location), not sure if they swapped it out or if it fixed itself when shut off.

I did the math and by my calculations my Sony has about 28 pixles per inch, I'm not sure if I would notice one stuck at normal viewing distances.

02-15-2005, 08:56 PM
crazyal...that was what I was talking about. In LCD panels and LCD projection televisions the "diodes", if you will, turn on or off. That action either allow or not allow the back lighting to pass through. The color mask is what gives the passible light it's color. It is possible, however unlikely to have all three sub-pixels disconnected, which would allow light to pass through on all three sub-pixels. Therefore giving the illusion that the pixels are "stuck" as in not changing color to their appropriate color when needed. I have seen DLPs and HDILA with bad pixels. I have also seen CRT RPTV with pixels that do not change. I have seen plasmas with burned out pixels. I have also seen LCD panels with bad pixels (as in they stay the constant color, never changing) and I have also seen LCD PTV with bad pixels. I apologize, I may have been incorrect in my termonology on the previous post, but the point remains. All televisions have the possiblity of having bad pixels or bad sub-pixels.