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Wii becomes Market Leader

08-23-2007, 05:54 AM

xbox-scene have also stated that the Wii has now over taken the 360 in worldwide sales.

In other sales related news however, Madden 08 shifts over 800,000 units in it's opening week on the Xbox 360, 500,000 on the PS2, 200,000 on the PS3 and a paltry 50,000 on the Wii (barely above the original Xbox sales for the game).

Hardware sales for the week were:

DS - 130,000
Wii - 90,000
360 - 60,000
PS2 - 55,000
PSP - 52,000
PS3 - 48,000
GBA - 22,000
GCN - 1,250

Thats 2 weeks running the 360 has comfortable outsold the PS3 in the US now so looks like the 360 price drop had a bigger effect that I expected, with Bioshock appearing on the next sales chart, it'll be interesting to see how 360 hardware sales follow. Could Sony need another price drop before they start to claw back their lost ground?

08-23-2007, 11:25 AM
They're finally showing up on the shelves, thats why! People can actually buy them now.