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Sony 57s520 Vs Hitachi 57f510 Vs ???

02-08-2005, 07:29 AM
Just took delivery on a Sony 57S520 yesterday fromm CC. I am considering swapping it with the Hitachi F510. I noticed that when in PIP mode, the tint and the focus of the other picture (to the right) is off. I tried adjusting it but cannot improve the focus. CC said that it could be the tuner is bad. If so, No more Sony for me. I shoulda have just opted for the Hitachi since I thought the pic was mush better, more vivid and better colors. But I went for the Sony b/c of the brand and reliability of the old 27" crt we have had since '86. However, CR actually rates Hitachi to have better reliabilty than Sony.

Any thoughts???