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JVC AV56PW30 with strange image problems

08-09-2007, 03:41 PM
Hello, I've been on here before with an old Toshiba TP48E60 with bad convergence (the newbie's issue :P ) And I just recently aquired an AV56PW30. Now the guy who had it before me said that until very recently, the set worked beautifully. As if brand new. One day his signal went and now, when any given input is selected, and a signal is being broadcast to that input, I get a strange squished, bouncing green horizonal line, about half the height of the screen. Now it doesn't do this all the time. when no signal is present, the tv acts perfectly fine. No issues whatsoever. The onscreen display looks great, and I get the generic white/gray solid (due to no input). The guy who had the tv before me said he had it looked at but was unsure what the repairman had said to him. He said that it might be a deflection issue. Well it would have to be vertical deflection issues to cause this horizontal bar, correct? Could it be the deflection yoke for the crt? If anyone has any information on this problem, please help me out, I really want this tv to work and if I have to replace something upwards of $150, I don't mind doing it so long as it will fix the issues. It's worth it for this tv. Anyways, if you want the pics please email me. I can't link because I haven't made 5 posts in this forum yet. I also have a video of it, just email or reply if you want to see it..

Anything anyone can say or do to help me out would be great. I already talked to one guy who's been fixing tv's for 15 years and he thought it was a perplexing problem. Thanks all, hope we can figure this one out together!