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Samsung HCL551W

07-27-2007, 01:59 AM
This is a longshot but.... My SAMSUNG HCL551W just turned off the other day by itself( I have had the tv for about 5 years). I smelled what seemed to be a strong smell of "Hot electronics". I unplugged the tv and waited about 5 minutes before I plugged it in. After I plugged in the tv I could hear the tv set click on but no picture or sound were present. The odor of "Hot electronics" was still present but it wasnt as strong.

I called a service center on my area (Petaluma, California) and I was quoted a minimun of $185.00 for the technician to come to my house and tell me its broken. I went on this website: tigerdirect and tried to figure out if its worth the tech. coming over and paying for parts and labor or buying a new tv? (wont be able to purchase a new until Nov. 2007):(

My question are 1) Is it difficult to change out a board or the lamps on this tv? 2) If I can change them out do I need some one to calibrate the tv?:helpme

Thank you in advance for your input.:thumbsup: