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07-24-2007, 11:07 PM
I finally returned my 50" Panasonic Plasma to Costco Home today. I got tired of the constant buzzing sound that kept coming out of it. I could hear it from more than 10 feet away when the volume was down. I tried to get used to it for the past three months, but I could not look past it. This saturday was my 90 day deadline.

I am planning to get another tv at Costco Home since their return policies are great. My dilema is that I can't decide between these three tvs.

JVC DLP HDLIA 61" HD-61FH97- $1500
Toshiba LCD 47 " 47LZ196- $1999
Samsung Plasma 50" HPT5054- $1600

Any ideas? I really do not want another tv with the constant buzz coming out of the back. I looked at the other panasonic plamas they had there and there was that darn buzzing noise. I have really sensitive hearing, and it drives me nuts ( which in turn drives my wife nuts!)

(This panasonic was my 2nd plasma. the first one was a phillips 50inch, and i returned it since it kept turning on by itself!)

I took the panasonic back to costco home today and could not make a decision as to which tv to purchase. in the meantime i bought a 32" vizio lcd to tide me over. we will use that in the spare bedroom once i decide on the next tv to get.

please help!