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Please Please Please someone answer this thread

07-05-2007, 03:28 AM
Hi All,
Help please,
My problem is I want to know what the best set up is for my Toshiba tv and Sony hdd/dvd recorder with built in freeview.
My TV is Toshiba 27WL56. Its main connections are: 1 hdmi, 1 vga (supports component/yuv via cable adaptor) and 2 scarts (1 with rgb)
My HDD/DVD is Sony RDR-HXD560. Its main connections are: Component and 2 scarts (1 with rgb)
At the moment I have it all hooked up with scart leads but wondered if I can improve on this via the component and vga ports.
I am also considering buying a Denon AVR-1507 or Sony STR-DA 1200ES AV Receiver. None of these have hdmi ports but have component video.
I'm a novice and abit confused as to which i need for my living room set up, which is mainly for watching tv and dvd movies.
Any help/advice will be appreciated.
Johnny D